Our Team

"We are pleased to welcome you to midwifery care. We are committed to providing safe, personal, family oriented care. We are providing the following information to acquaint you with the services we offer and what you may expect from our practice."

Birthways wishes a farewell to Natalie Hicken and good luck at her new midwifery clinic, which opened in March 2016!


Angela Schaerer, RM

Angela Schaerer, Registered MidwifeAngela is a mother of three children, one born in the hospital and two born at home. She graduated from the Seattle Midwifery School (Bastyr University) in 2006. After graduating, Angela completed the PLEA, a necessary process to become a Registered Midwife in BC. Angela’s training at the Seattle Midwifery School focused on both home and birth center births, leaving her very comfortable with out of hospital care. She acquired hospital experience both here in Victoria and in the Caribbean. Angela hold privileges at the Victoria General Hospital working with both home and hospital birth clients. She has studied homeopathy through the British Institute of Homeopathy – Canada, and is currently studying her passion, holistic nutrition at Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC. Before attending midwifery school Angela was a doula, childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor. Angela’s philosophy focuses on using lifestyle, nutrition, complimentary therapy, and exercise to promote well-being.

Check out Angela's blog: Inner Love Holistic Nutrition


Amanda Seguin, Office Administrator

Amanda Seguin, Office AdministratorAmanda Seguin is our office administrator. You may hear from her occasionally to schedule or re-schedule your appointments. Amanda joined Birthways Midwifery a couple of years after the birth of her own baby with Angela as her midwife. As a birth doula and a childbirth educator, she is very enthusiastic about pregnancy, birth and your newborn baby.


The midwives at Birthways work closely in a side-by-side model of care. You will be assigned a co-ordinating or "primary" midwife. This allows the midwives to work very closely with their clients and their clients' families, focusing on individual personalized care. In order for them to continue with this model of care, they do take some time off call. Each midwife goes off call twice a year for holidays with their families, and they each take occasional weekends off call. During their time off, the midwives provide coverage for each others' clients. They also back each other up for home births whenever possible. You will have an opportunity to meet the other midwives at Birthways during your prenatal care.