Birthways Midwifery

Closed for now.

Birthways Midwifery is closed until further notice due to Angela’s Bicycle accident in May 2015. Unfortunately Angela’s recover is taking longer than expected. Thank you Natalie, Amanda and Mary Jo for all your support during this past year, keeping Birthways open and providing great care to all our women and babies!

Birthways Midwifery, Victoria BC

Midwives are skilled practitioners who have successfully completed a midwifery education program approved by their jurisdictional regulatory body. To legally practice midwifery in BC, your midwife must be approved and registered with the College of Midwives of British Columbia.

Angela Schaerer, RM
Angela Schaerer, RM

"As a midwife, I see pregnancy and birth as a normal life transition for healthy women. Therefore, out of respect for the process and women’s ability to give birth, I believe unnecessary intervention is an unwise interruption of your body’s function. Midwives monitor and guide, respecting the choices and values of the family. As a registered midwife working in Victoria, BC, I have admitting privileges at the Victoria General Hospital, the only hospital in the Greater Victoria region providing maternity services. Midwives can order screening, diagnostic, laboratory tests, and medications that apply to low risk pregnant women. These may include tests such as ultrasounds, pap smears, and routine blood work." — Angela Schaerer RM

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